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Shadepop is a mini sun umbrella featuring a patented design that utilizes magnets to attach to your side table. It’s perfect for preventing your phone from overheating and keeping your drinks cold on your side table while you relax in your lounge chair.

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The shadepop mini beach umbrella provides shade for drinks, cell phones, mp3 players etc., It is portable, lightweight, quick set-up and take down.  Comes with a protective drawstring cover. It’s the perfect tabletop mini shade umbrella for keeping your stuff cool at the beach, pool or deck.

Size: 18″ (w) x 15″ (h)

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 18 × 15 in

25 reviews for shadepop

  1. Jenna E

    I received a shadepop as a gift and I am completely obsessed!! I bring it with me every time I am now out in the sun! They also would make a very cute gift! I would highly recommend shade pop to anyone and everyone!

  2. Chris

    Wow! What a great concept!! I ordered one a few months ago and loved it so much, I purchased another one as a gift! It’s one of the items I use most either by the pool or at the beach. Compact, easy to use and ready to go. Thanks Shadepop!

  3. tobi

    What a fantastic find! I received my shade pop in the mail from a friend. This thing is great – I don’t have to worry about making shade for my drink and phone, etc. It makes it for me! It’s easy to set up, it’s portable, and hardly takes up any space. Love it! Would recommend it to anyone.

  4. Cindy (verified owner)

    I received this as a gift from a very dear friend. This is the most awesome little umbrella you just can’t be without while at the pool, beach or just lounging in the yard. I Love it. Highly recommend, and great customer service too.

  5. Nancy (verified owner)

    Such a clever idea and unique gift for all of the sun worshippers you know. It fits nicely in your beach bag and will keep your drinks and cellular devices cool. 🙂

  6. Amy

    Thank you so much for bringing this great idea to life! I finally have a portable, easy to use umbrella I can toss in my bag and take to the pool, the beach, or out on the boat, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I use my shadepop all the time and it’s held up to the heat, water and my 2 year old!! Love, love, love it!

  7. Connie (verified owner)

    Love this little umbrella!! A friend purchased one and took it with us on our trip to St. Maarten and we used it every day. Kept our drinks shaded in the hot sun! Bought one for a gift for someone else and decided I liked it so much I would keep it for myself. Packs easily in your luggage so you can take it anywhere!

  8. JoAnn

    We purchased 2. 1 to keep and the other as a gift. I have really enjoyed using the Shadepop. Keeps my camera and phone in the shade. Great idea.

  9. Amy Griffith

    Excerpts from customer correspondence.

    Hi Amy! I’ve been searching for something exactly like this for YEARS. As lifelong sun worshippers, my friends and I have often yearned for the perfect chaise-side beverage and phone sun protection. In fact, I was getting so desperate that I was ready to attempt rigging up something myself (with zero relevant skills/experience). Spurred by a frustrating moment in the sun yesterday, I was conducting my periodic internet query and a Google search brought me the website I can’t wait until pay day so I can buy them as gifts for all my friends! Thank you shadepop!!!
    Nicole P.

    Thanks sooo much! My friends and family raved about mine so much that I had to get another! The free one makes my day!! Now i have one for all my poolside tables!!!! Thanks again!! I am so excited!!!!! Spreading the word to get you more business too ;)!!
    Ashley S.

    Thank you so much for the update on shipping. Wow! Great service!!!
    I found you on the google search engine. I told my husband over the weekend that we need to find a small umbrella to attach to our side tables in the back yard to keep our belongings from getting so hot. We enjoy laying out by the pool but get frustrated how our sunscreen, phone and drinks get so hot. Then I discovered shadepop today on google and I’m stoked. I purchased one to start with to see how they work. I plan to purchase more.
    Lisa K.

    I found you on Google using a search for “mini umbrellas”, for the exact use you advertise on your website! Your product is exactly what I need.
    Shelly M.

    My husband and I are lovers of a good beverage, and living in Southern California, our ice melts quickly, or beers get hot, and my husband says, “I need to invent a drink umbrella”. This is a weekly occurrence : ) His birthday is coming up, so I searched the internet trying so many different phrases to find a solution, and finally found your company. Needless to say, I was a very happy camper. Your product will be going to restaurants, pools, vacations, marathons and anywhere else we travel. During the next 6 months, it will travel to Cabo San Lucas, Madrid, Barcelona, San Diego and Washington D.C. My thanks for giving me my long sought after solution.
    Cheryl N.

    Yay!!! I am excited! I have a pool and I always have to hide my phone under a towel and my drink under my chair. Now, I can sit them under the umbrella on my table. I first saw your product on Beth @ Unskinny Boppy’s Instagram feed and went to your website. Then today I read her post about her recent trip and saw your product mentioned again. That reminded me that I needed to get moving on the purchase if I wanted to enjoy them this summer.
    Dana T.

    Hi there! I was on a mad search via Google to find a small umbrella for our poolside table and there you were! It’s just what I need and can’t wait to get it!!!
    Thanks for sending so quickly!
    Elizabeth L.

    Can you forward a link to write a review? While the product didn’t work for my specific needs, I’d like to be able to tell readers how you kindly referred me to something that might. I’m a small business owner myself and I value that kind of ethic. For me, as a wedding DJ, it requires me to be honest and have integrity enough to turn down work that I know I’m not qualified for and to refer the work to a more qualified DJ. This speaks volumes when other businesses aren’t threatened by throwing a referral to their colleagues
    My review may not sway a financial windfall…LOL…but it is nice to know that someone in Florida has a little business integrity!
    Robin S.

    Good evening Amy!
    Yes I received shadepops and are really well made! I like very much and I think this product is perfect for my dolls.
    Shadepop is a great idea for the use it is made for, of course. My boyfriend is enthusiast too. As soon as I decided how to create my new diorama I will tell you. Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me, selling me shadepops!
    Valentina F.

    Someone had posted a selfie of themselves relaxing at a spa and I saw the shadepop in the picture (and I could see the logo). I thought it was so clever I first searched on Amazon and then the web to find it. We go to a lot of bring your own chair concerts and temps here are around 100.
    Elizabeth S.

    I’ve been looking for a small umbrella to shade my “drinks and phone only”
    on the side tables by my pool. I’ve searched everywhere and actually
    considered having my husband design one because I could not find what I was
    looking for. I happened to search google with the right term this time and the image popped up! I knew it was perfect
    the moment I saw it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this product. I
    absolutely can’t wait to use them.
    Tamra S.

  10. Amy Griffith

    email from return customer
    Amy, we ordered one a couple of months ago and liked it so much we ordered two more for our friends. It’s perfect for keeping drinks, IPads, etc out of the direct sunlight. We’ll check you out on Facebook and post some pictures.

  11. Amy Griffith

    Hi Amy, thanks for the quick update! I was laying out today and had to hide my phone and iPad under the chaise cushion so they wouldn’t get overheated. I googled tabletop umbrella- and found Shadepop- what a wonderful idea!! So excited to get one- I’ve already called my sister to tell her about it.
    Thanks for great customer service!

  12. Amy Griffith

    Because many people avoided Turkey, Egypt Tunisia and other resorts because of threats of unrest, Majorca was full. So much so that beaches were overcrowded and we were unable to get a sunbed and umbrella.
    No probs. We got folding beach chairs and as always took our Shadepop table brolly.
    Perfect combination and would recommend them (have done to numerous curious fellow tourists.
    D. Fulton

  13. brsatman (verified owner)

    I bought 6 for Xmas gifts last year, and they absolutely loved them!!! You’ll never regret having shade for your libations!!

  14. Nancy Miller (verified owner)

    I love my ShadePop 🙂 I never have to worry about my drink or phone in the sun again. It’s a great gift also, I gifted the ShadePop to my sister for her birthday. She is always out in her backyard reading a book and soaking in the sun with a cold beer.

  15. Kelsie

    So practical!! magnet is strong to work on many surfaces and covers all your necessities! it’s lightweight and easy to transport! umbrella is a perfect size to cover phone,drinks, anything you need!! highly recommend!

  16. Kayce C

    I love my Shadepop! Perfect for keeping my drink cool and my phone safe from the heat. So easy to use and convenient for any time spent in the sunshine.

  17. Amy Griffith (verified owner)

    I dig it! The ShadePop works just as expected and even better! I didn’t even realize that it had a magnet with removable bottom! Awesome! … I took the bottom of the magnet, and the top of my hot tub drink lid and lined them up. Then I hot glued it to the bottom of the lid. Now it snaps right together ever time I get in … Yayee!! Awesomeness! … Thank you again for the fantastic product and all of your hard work to bring this to market : )
    Keith T.

  18. Julie Weist

    I love my Shadepop! I take it on all my vacations. It also cleans up well with a little Spray and Wash. I recommend keeping the plastic sleeve it comes in with the drawstring bag…helps keep it safe and clean! Try not to drop magnet or it will crack. I always get so many compliments on it! It would make a cool unique corporate gift too! Please start selling at stores like Target & Walmart! You would make a killing..may have to lower the price a bit!

  19. Ruth Kudera (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this item. Perfect solution for poolside beverage cover. Wish I would have brainstormed this winner.

  20. Kay andrews (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely just what I wanted Amy was lovely and helpful and came quickly considering I live in uk

  21. Lisa Martin

    I bought mine 2016. I had searched all over for something to cover my electronics when out in the son especially the beach and came across Shadepop. This is the best byproduct ever. I still use mine today. It’s a little rusty but still serves its purpose

  22. Tim

    Have had ours for a couple of years and it’s a backyard must, always table side. We’d love to see a future model with a knuckle perhaps??

  23. Jane Jess (verified owner)

    I just received my Shadepop today and it is so awesome! Perfect for our outdoor side tables to keep our drinks and phones cool. Amy was wonderful to deal with, responded so quickly to my email regarding shipping to Canada. She offered a great price on shipping and it arrived very quickly. So excited to use it this weekend!

  24. Carol Modesto (verified owner)

    What a terrific product! Plus the service is great. A wonderful gift for yourself and your friends. I highly recommend buying shadepops. You cannot go wrong.

  25. Kristina (verified owner)

    I LOVE THESE! I literally buy a new set every other year! They are perfect!!! Found you doing a Google search of mini umbrellas. We use them year round!

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