mini beach umbrellaThe Story Behind shadepop

Whether it’s relaxing by the pool, at the beach, or on the porch, I’m always happiest outside. One day, while laying by the pool, I reached under my chair for my drink and knocked it over … for the last time. I started thinking there’s got to be a better way to keep everything within arms reach and shaded. I wanted to make relaxing, well, a bit more relaxing. So I found a small umbrella, glued metal washers to the bottom, added a magnet and made my first prototype. It was perfect. I began my research and decided to start the patent process. After going down many different roads, I decided to have it manufactured, and peddle my brilliant invention myself. I mean who wouldn’t want the ultimate in lounge level shade?

My staff consists of my husband, a numbers guy and a spreadsheet junkie, a 13 year old Tibetan Terrier who is my sounding board, and I have an 19 lb tuxedo cat I brought on as a summer intern that I think I will end up keeping on full time.

Thanks for visiting,

Amy Griffith, Founder of shadepop


A Delaware native I’ve lived in Florida for 26 years, married with one son.